Sinclair's infamous scripted announcement for nearly 200 of its local news anchors.

By KC Dennison
04/20/2018 • 09:19 PM EST

Sinclair's infamous scripted message, for nearly 200 of its local news anchors, is rich in FUDsee definition - making dire warnings or raising doubt about an issue, while provided little or no specifics or evidence to support the claims.
and void of specifics, encouraging their viewership to interpret all news they consume through a lens of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The message starts by creating a false equivalencysee definition - implying that two things are essentially the same, when they only have anecdotal similarities.
between "biased" and fake news, blending the lines between information that is fabricated and intended to mislead and any information their audience may not agree with. This encourages viewers to not only write off as "fake" anything they might consider "biased," but to think of those expressing anything they consider biased as dangerous.