Chris Wallace interviews White House senior adviser Stephen Miller on the federal whistleblower complaint.

By Tara Jons
10/02/2019 • 12:00 AM EST

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: ad hominemsee definition - attacking the character or motive of the person making an argument, rather than attacking the argument itself.
: Miller attacks the whistleblower's character and motives, without addressing any of the allegations he or she has made.
: half truthsee definition - a statement that is essentially true, but lacking critical information and presented as the whole truth.
: Miller mentions the IG found the whistleblower to be politically biased, while not mentioning the same IG also found the whistleblower's complaint to be credible.[1]
: poisoning the wellsee definition - discrediting your opponent to an audience in advance, in order to encourage dismissing any future claims or accusations they may make against you.
: Miller preemptively dismisses any allegations brought against Trump as nothing more than rogue bureaucrats pursuing their own agendas.
: appeal to ignorancesee definition - suggesting that something is true simply because it hasn’t yet been proven false, or that something is false simply because it hasn’t yet been proven true.
: Miller suggests there may be "corrupt dealings" by the Bidens, because it hasn't yet been proven that there's not corrupt dealings by the Bidens.[2]
: false equivalencysee definition - implying that two things are essentially the same, when they only have anecdotal similarities.
: Between Trump pressuring a foreign power to intervene in a U.S. election, and Clinton contracting a U.S. firm to do opposition research on a political opponent.[3]
: baseless claimsee definition - a statement that is presented as accepted or established fact, but is wholly undecided or unsubstantiated.
: The media is uncurious about past corruption in Ukraine.
: reversal of realitysee definition - a statement that is not only verifiably false, but is the exact opposite of the truth.
: Not only is Trump not getting to the bottom of a corruption scandal in Ukraine, he's creating one, and he's not the whistleblower, but the person against whom the whistle was blown.[4]
: adding qualifierssee definition - adding an extra word or phrase to a response, which makes it ultimately meaningless, but still leaves the desired impression.
: Miller questions the media for not uncovering the "potential" corrupt dealings of the Bidens, which is not saying the Bidens have any corrupt dealings to be uncovered.

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2. "Trump Twists Facts on Biden and Ukraine". Published: September 24, 2019.

3. "Dossier Not What 'Started All of This'". Published: March 27, 2019.