Techniques used by Stephen Miller

ad hominem - attacking the character or motive of your opponent, while not refuting his facts or logic. (2 uses)

false equivalency - implying that two things are essentially the same, when they only have anecdotal similarities. (2 uses)

appeal to ignorance - raising doubt by suggesting something is true because it has not yet been proven false. (1 use)

poisoning the well - discrediting your opponent to an audience in advance, in order to encourage dismissing any future claims they may make against you. (1 use)

half truth - a statement that is essentially true, but lacking critical information and presented as the whole truth. (1 use)

adding qualifiers - adding an extra word or phrase to a response, which makes it ultimately meaningless, but still leaves the desired impression. (1 use)

accuse of lying - reacting to undesirable truths simply with accusations of lies and lying. (1 use)

baseless claim - a statement that is presented as accepted or established fact, but is wholly undecided or unsubstantiated. (1 use)

reversal of reality - a statement that is not only verifiably false, but is the exact opposite of the truth. (1 use)