Techniques used by Blake Masters

false claim - a statement that is directly contradicted by fact and can be easily proven untrue. (7 uses)

misleading claim - a statement with a few elements or kernel of truth, which can easily be proven deceptive or fundamentally untrue. (6 uses)

straw man - misrepresenting an opponent's position or argument to make it easier to attack, usually by exaggerating, distorting, or just completely fabricating it. (5 uses)

half truth - a statement that is essentially true, but lacking critical information and presented as the whole truth. (3 uses)

guilt by association - using an opponent's links to another to assign the other's beliefs, misdeeds, or other unattractive qualities to the opponent. (2 uses)

red herring - throwing an irrelevant fact into an argument to divert attention from the real issue at hand. (2 uses)

FUD - making dire warnings or raising doubt about an issue, while provided little or no specifics or evidence to support the claims. (1 use)

projection - accusing an opponent of using the same underhanded tactics or committing the same misdeeds the accuser is guilty of. (1 use)

appeal to tradition - suggesting that a long-standing practice must be better than newer alternatives and that abandoning it could have detrimental implications. (1 use)

baseless claim - a statement that is presented as accepted or established fact, but no evidence could be found to support the claim. (1 use)

appeal to compromised authority - insisting something is true because an expert on the issue says it's true, when that expert has a vested interest in the outcome. (1 use)