Associate Editor

Reviewing and proofing content produced by Content Writers to meet the high standards and distinct methodology of the Propwatch Project. Includes disseminating editorial content strategy, and supervising the training and cultivation of new Content Writers. The Associate Editor will work closely with the Senior Editor and will have a hand in every process of content creation, including coordinating research, writing, copy editing, and publishing.

Responsibilities include:
managing/Scheduling/Coordinating with freelance content writers.
collecting and curating media assets.
detailed fact-checking of all articles.
training and supporting new content writers.
working closely with the Senior Editor.

Preferred candidates will have:
expert project management skills with capacity to meet and exceed editorial objectives and deadlines.
knowledge of U.S. politics and social affairs, and interest in upkeep with the news cycle.
strong writing, proofing, and analytical skills.
solid academic research and fact-checking skills.
excellent people skills in working to train and cultivate new writers.
a wide-screen computer or laptop with Internet access.

Compensation and Benefits:
Competitive salary; commensurate with experience.