Rachel Maddow interviews Hillary Clinton about her claims that Bernie Sanders is going negative.

By Tara Jons
01/31/2016 • 12:31 AM EST

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: saber-rattlingsee definition - making nonspecific threats of consequences to intimidate an adversary and/or impress an audience.
: Clinton warns Iran that she'll "put them on notice" and, if they play games, they'll have to take the consequences.
: going negativesee definition - characterizing criticism from an opponent as being underhanded, unfair, or indecent in some way.
: whataboutismsee definition - discrediting a criticism by accusing hypocrisy, in order to shift the focus away from oneself and onto others.
: Clinton shifts the focus from her taking money from Wall Street to Obama taking money from Wall Street.
: projectionsee definition - accusing an opponent of using the same underhanded tactics or committing the same misdeeds the accuser is guilty of.
: Clinton accuses Sanders of alleging that all Democrats take money from Wall Street, as she alleges that all Democrats take money from Wall Street.
: bandwagonsee definition - creating social pressure to conform by promoting a sense of inevitable victory.
: misleading claimsee definition - a statement with a few elements or kernel of truth, which can easily be proven deceptive or fundamentally untrue.
: The programs it would end, would be replaced with a single-player plan, and "turning it over to the states," means the federal program would be administered by each state.[3]
: straw mansee definition - misrepresenting an opponent's position or argument to make it easier to attack, usually by exaggerating, distorting, or just completely fabricating it.
: Sanders said his plan, which would eliminate out-of-pocket expenses, would be paid for by raising taxes, NOT that it would be free.[3]

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