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09/23/2017 • 01:08 AM EST

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: demonizing the presssee definition - characterizing the press as the enemy, politically motivated, and dishonest.
: trying to save itsee definition - advocating for cutting a social program under the guise of trying to save it, rather than pushing to adequately fund it.
: accuse of lyingsee definition - reacting to undesirable truths simply with accusations of lies and lying.
: false equivalencysee definition - implying that two things are essentially the same, when they only have anecdotal similarities.
: Between those that disapprove of Trump's job performance and those that don't support him politically.
: muddy the waterssee definition - bringing up irrelevant facts to confuse or complicate an issue, which may otherwise be relatively simple and easy to understand.
: Conway presents examples of subjective opinion and cherry picking, to make it seem like objective fact (like inaugural crowd size) is just a matter of opinion.

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