Techniques used by Kamala Harris

half truth - a statement that is essentially true, but lacking critical information and presented as the whole truth. (4 uses)

misleading claim - a statement with a few elements or kernel of truth, which can easily be proven deceptive or fundamentally untrue. (3 uses)

exaggeration - stretching the truth to make something seem more powerful or meaningful than it actually is. (2 uses)

false claim - a statement that is directly contradicted by fact and can be easily proven untrue. (2 uses)

non-sequitur - response that doesn't follow logically from or isn't related to anything previously asked or said. (1 use)

bandwagon - creating social pressure to conform by promoting a sense of inevitable victory. (1 use)

slogan - a brief, striking phrase that people will remember, which typically acts on emotional appeals. (1 use)

baseless claim - a bold statement that is presented as accepted or established fact, with no discernable evidence to support the claim. (1 use)

whataboutism - discrediting a criticism by accusing hypocrisy, in order to shift the focus away from oneself and onto others. (1 use)